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DEN Bulk Boarding Procedure Require Clarification

Date: June 22, 2021

Flight Attendants passing through Denver (DEN) will notice a change in on board provisioning. In a recent company alert, United notified Flight Attendants that due to a head count constraint in the DEN catering operation, all-in-one bag items would be bulk boarded for all flights out of Denver (DEN) with the exception of Hawaii, ANC and FRA flights. 

The recent Inflight Alert is not entirely clear as to the service delivery expectation for this recent change. We reached out to Inflight management for additional clarification on how this temporary change should be handled on the aircraft. Inflight confirmed that in absence of the bag, Flight Attendants will provide each passenger two snacks (1 pretzel and 1 biscoff), a bottle of water, and a serviette, all at once.

This is not a system wide change and should be resolved once staffing is improved. While the service may have changed, keep in mind that our ability to perform the service safely and minimize touchpoints has not. When handing out snacks, utilize the gloves available in the onboard provisioning kit and change them as needed and when switching tasks.  Take advantage of washing your hands and/or using hand sanitizer frequently. By taking these proactive steps we can minimize additional touchpoints and any potential COVID-19 exposure.

Questions and concerns should be directed to your local Safety, Health and Security Representatives.

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