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Service Guidelines Clarification

Date: June 22, 2021

Over the past year, it was necessary to modify and reduce service on routes throughout our system to minimize touchpoints and minimize the spread of COVID-19. As travel safely returns to pre-pandemic levels, thanks in large part to the COVID-19 vaccine, we continue to see the roll out of service changes. In some instances, we’ve recommended management be more conservative in their rollout of the new services, in particular, reintroduction of alcohol in the cabin. 

We understand with the frequent adjustments to service it may be difficult to keep up, but there are tools available to help manage the changes. United has included service guideline charts in the Content App located on your company issued LINK Device and on Flying Together.

In the Content Locker search > Service at a Glance and select the most recent publication. On Flying Together visit > Inflight > Policies and Procedures > Temporary Changes to onboard services due to COVID-19.

We understand the current system is not always intuitive and trying to track down information while preparing for your trip can be frustrating. Based on Member feedback, we’ve advocated for greater use of mileage to determine service levels, rather than time of travel to define the service requirements of a particular flight.  Mileage between two points is consistent whereas flight time can be impacted by flying conditions on any given day.  Mileage information is located in Flight Info in the My Flight App.

As a reminder, you can verify your work position by referencing the current Staffing Sheets and should you experience issues with your company issued LINK device, contact LINK support at 800-255-5802, Options 1, Option 2, or see the LINK staff at your base. 

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