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Debrief: June 25, 2021

Date: June 25, 2021


AFA Debrief - June 25, 2021

Union Representation Rights Lawsuit

AFA filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in our ongoing effort to protect the representational rights of United Flight Attendants. 

Our lawsuit asserts that United has interfered with AFA’s legal duty to represent our Members in violation of federal law.   This is an issue that has consequences that can potentially impact our representation not only at United but across our Union. 

Because of the unique circumstances surrounding this lawsuit, we will refrain from any further comment on this subject until a decision is rendered by the court.

July 4 / Halloween Holiday Point Credit

In an effort to recognize Flight Attendants with perfect attendance during the upcoming 4th of July holiday period July 1, 2021 through July 7, 2021 and during the Halloween period October 28, 2021 through November 3, 2021, AFA and the company have agreed to implement a Bonus Point Incentive Program.

Flight Attendants who meet the criteria listed below in both of the holiday periods will be credited with oneattendance Bonus Point that can be used to offset the first point generating occurrence after November 3, 2021.

During each of the designated periods, Flight Attendants must meet the following criteria to be awarded the attendance point credit:

  • Flight Attendants must be on active status during the designated periods.
  • Flight Attendants must work a flight segment or stand Reserve during the specified period.
  • Flight Attendants must not receive any attendance point(s) during the designated time periods.
  • Flight Attendants must not have an active Attendance Warning 4 at the time the credit is issued on November 15, 2021.

This bonus point program is uniquely different from prior programs in that Flight Attendants must meet the attendance criteria in each of the two designated periods in order to receive the full bonus point. Please be sure to read the program details carefully. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.


Travel While on Sick Leave

As we head into a busy summer travel season and travel to more destinations becomes possible, we offer the following review as it pertains to a Flight Attendant’s ability to travel while on sick leave.  

The Union and representatives from Labor Relations mutually understand a Flight Attendant is not required to secure permission from their supervisor to travel while on sick leave or a medical leave of absence. Flight Attendants are permitted to travel and there is no requirement to obtain prior approval to do so.

As with everything we do, we are ultimately accountable for the decisions we make.  While traveling on sick leave is permissible, in the event the company becomes aware you are doing so, you should be aware that you will be accountable and may be asked to provide management with an explanation as to why, while sick, you were traveling.  The accountability is not for pass travel.  Rather, management may potentially view your travel while on sick leave as an abuse of sick leave. 

Typically, traveling while on sick leave could be misconstrued as inconsistent with being sick.  In our jobs, for example, because of the rigorous physical demands we may be unable to work as a Flight Attendant but not necessarily unable to travel on an aircraft.  A common example of this may be a broken limb or while recovering following certain types of surgery.

The company reserves the right to investigate any situation where they believe sick leave abuse may be occurring. Therefore, a Flight Attendant may be questioned by management about the use of off pass travel while on sick leave and should be prepared to respond to any such inquiry.

While management may require a Flight Attendant to provide satisfactory verification of an illness from an accredited physician should circumstances suggest that sick leave may not have been appropriately used, Flight Attendants are not required to discuss the nature of any illness with her/his supervisor. Any such questions or requested medical documentation should be directed to United Airlines Medical Department.

You should also be aware, once you have asked permission from your supervisor and have been advised you may not travel, you are required to abide by management’s direction.  Contact your Local Council office if you have questions or difficulty.

Reserve Timeline Calendar for July 2021

If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the July bid month, there are various scheduling request deadlines and processes that occur during the period between bid awards and through the first week of the new month.

While some of these events occur on the same calendar day(s) each month, there are a few that are determined based on the actual start day of the new Flight Attendant bid month, which may vary from month to month.

For your convenience, we have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline detailing these items in both calendar and list formats in the Reserve section on our website.

When filing an IOR Form Remember to “Copy to AFA”  

These days, the circumstances that require the filing of an IOR are so common doing so is becoming a routine experience.  With the rise in instances involving passenger confrontation continuing to escalate, it’s important we document these incidents to protect ourselves and help protect future crews from any situations that could become confrontational. 

These reports provide the company with the information they need to document, act and follow up on situations.  This data is not necessarily shared by the company with AFA, however. This creates the potential for a greater number of particular incident types to happen without AFA’s awareness these are occurring. In the absence of our awareness these events have taken place, our ability to advocate for an appropriate response when warranted is reduced.

For this reason, it’s imperative that when filing an Irregular Operations Report (IOR) report with the company, always select the ‘Yes’ option, located in the middle of the form, to ensure a copy of the report is provided to AFA.

Remembering to check the YES option will not only grant representatives from the AFA Safety, Health & Security Committee access to the IOR, but provides our representatives with the information necessary to continue our advocacy while remaining knowledgeable of any current concerns or events. This simple action can be impactful in the Union’s ability to advocate for the Membership.

International Purser Recurrent Training (PRT21) Preference Month Bidding Now Open

Preference month bidding for International Purser recurrent training opened as of 8:00 AM CT this morning and will close on July 9, 2021 at 8:00 AM CT. 

Inflight Services has developed a calendar of the dates that training will be offered at each domicile during August, September and October of this year.

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