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When filing an IOR Form Remember to “Copy to AFA”

Date: June 25, 2021

These days, the circumstances that require the filing of an IOR are so common doing so is becoming a routine experience.  With the rise in instances involving passenger confrontation continuing to escalate, it’s important we document these incidents to protect ourselves and help protect future crews from any situations that could become confrontational. 

These reports provide the company with the information they need to document, act and follow up on situations.  This data is not necessarily shared by the company with AFA, however. This creates the potential for a greater number of particular incident types to happen without AFA’s awareness these are occurring. In the absence of our awareness these events have taken place, our ability to advocate for an appropriate response when warranted is reduced.

For this reason, it’s imperative that when filing an Irregular Operations Report (IOR) report with the company, always select the ‘Yes’ option, located in the middle of the form, to ensure a copy of the report is provided to AFA.

Remembering to check the YES option will not only grant representatives from the AFA Safety, Health & Security Committee access to the IOR, but provides our representatives with the information necessary to continue our advocacy while remaining knowledgeable of any current concerns or events. This simple action can be impactful in the Union’s ability to advocate for the Membership.

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