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2HOT2COLD - Monitoring Cabin Temperature

Date: June 29, 2021

As we close out the month of June there is no doubt summer is here. Given the unusual temperatures we’ve experienced across the United States and while serving other destinations worldwide, extreme weather has become more a part of our normal routine. What should never be normal is working an aircraft that is too HOT. A warm aircraft can quickly become a hot aircraft during boarding putting both crew and passengers in our care at risk of symptoms such, fatigue and dizziness that could escalate to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Despite the potential risks, as of today, the FAA and the DOT have no operating requirements for cabin temperatures. To make changes we seek, we need data. Every time you report a 2HOT2COLD event you are providing necessary data to persuade regulators and legislators to establish airplane temperature standards. 

Flight Attendants are encouraged to download the iPhone/iPad or Android version of the 2Hot2Cold app, install it on your device, and submit reports on extreme temperature incidents you experience onboard flights. Working together, we will end the scourge of 2Hot2Cold in air travel!

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