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Date: June 29, 2021

Just over a year ago, Flight Attendants were facing the uncertainty of a devastated aviation industry. Having the foresight to look forward, we saw the potential for furloughs and the loss of our medical insurance in our future as a result of the global pandemic. In spite of insurmountable odds, we came together as a collective and lobbied Washington to act. Alongside our AFA Legislative Affairs team, together WE passed the CARES ACT and the American Rescue Plan including the Payroll Support Plan PSP. WE ensured that the funds allocated went to workers first and not into the pockets of corporations and CEOs in the form of lavish bonuses or stock buy backs while workers would be at risk. We did this not once, but three times. We kept hundreds of thousands of Aviation workers and First Responders active and ready for what was then an unknown recovery.


Our Legislative Affairs Committee and volunteers are always at the ready. We work to advance the labor agenda for Flight Attendants and promote industry safety by educating our elected representatives in Washington. The work is never easy but together our work has made our Union the first call when an aviation matter is on the table for discussion. The voice of the worker is at the table and is heard just as loudly as the corporation for which we work. We continue to grow our presence and our influence in Washington D.C. and, with the continued support of our Union Membership, the future of Aviation Legislation is in our hands.

FlightPAC is the Association of Flight Attendants Political Action Committee (PAC). It is funded by the voluntary contributions of eligible AFA members. FlightPAC enables us, as a Union, to offer support to political candidates for federal office who are committed to helping improve Flight Attendant safety, security and health, and our legislative priorities.

We stand strong with the thousands of Flight Attendants represented by AFA. Currently, less than half our membership contributes to support our initiatives in Washington. No amount is too great or too small and every penny goes to ensure our Flight Attendant driven initiatives are at the forefront of the minds of our elected officials when they go to vote in Washington.

FlightPAC is non-partisan and independent. We support candidates and elected officials who support Flight Attendants!  If you do not currently contribute to FlightPAC and would like to learn how to do so, please contact your Local Government Affairs Committee, or download a payroll deduction form and drop it off at your local office or mail to:

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO
501 Third Street, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 2001 

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