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Vaccination Letter of Agreement – Spread the Word!

Date: June 4, 2021

As we reported yesterday in a Special Edition of E-lines, AFA and United management have a shared priority in getting as many Flight Attendants vaccinated as quickly as possible for several reasons. First and foremost, the vaccine provides an additional layer of protection in addition to mask compliance and cleaning process initiatives.

 It is anticipated, without advance notice, some countries may begin to require flight crews to be vaccinated.  Having these records in place allows United to meet these requirements quickly and efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage within the industry while ensuring each of us can continue to fly our awarded schedules without interruption.

The full Letter of Agreement is available for your review in the non-public area of the United MEC website.

We want to ensure that we spread the word on the availability of this negotiated incentive. If you know of friends or flying partners who are away on vacation, especially now through June 9, 2021, we encourage you to try to reach out to alert them of the need to either upload the vaccination documentation via MyInfo/Manager’s Toolbox, accessible from the company’s website, or start the vaccination process to maximize access to the additional vacation days.

We’ve been asked a couple of questions that suggest some additional clarification may be needed.  For those who have already been vaccinated and who have uploaded their vaccination documentation into the system, you are eligible to receive the highest-level incentive or the three (3) vacation days for use next year. Those Flight Attendants who are on leave of absence returning after July 1, 2021, will be afforded an additional opportunity to upload the vaccination information within fourteen days of return to active service.

While the company does expect Flight Attendants to maintain their fully vaccinated status, because the nature of the booster is not immediately known, there is no requirement for the booster to be administered.  In the event you might be unable to have the booster administered, there will be no impact on the incentive vacation days.  However, in the event the booster is required, you will be ineligible to fly to destinations in any country requiring you to be fully vaccinated and you will be ineligible for pay protection in the event you are removed from any pairings.

For those removed from pairings without pay protection, because there is no pay protection there are no reassignment rights in this circumstance.  You will, however, be able to decide to fly over those same days to destinations not requiring the vaccine.

Flight Attendants on leave of absence extending beyond July 1, 2021, must return prior to December 31, 2021, in order to receive the vacation days for 2022. 

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