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The Teamsters Are Coming For Amazon

Date: July 2, 2021

Unions across the U.S. are raising their voices in support of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters recent announcement that they are “coming for Amazon” and seeking to improve the quality of the workers’ lives through Unionization.

Recently, Teamster Members from 500 Local Unions met to lay out their priorities for the next five years and collectively adopted the following resolution: "Be it resolved, that building worker power at Amazon and helping those workers achieve a union contract is a top priority for the Teamsters Union."

To date, efforts to organize Amazon warehouse workers have unfortunately failed, most recently in Bessemer, Alabama, where workers voted 2-to-1 against joining a Union.

The Teamsters Union leadership has appointed a National Director for Amazon, Randy Korgan who is quoted saying, “There is perhaps no clearer manifestation of how America is failing the working class than Amazon," in Salon. "Building genuine worker power at Amazon will take shop-floor militancy by Amazon workers and solidarity from warehousing and delivery Teamsters."

Decades ago, Unions were the primary driving force behind raising up the quality of life of blue collar and middle-class workers.  And while Unions directly benefit their members through Contracts that provide reasonable wages and working conditions in exchange for a skilled and reliable workforce for the employer, people in all classes benefit from the results of organized workers.  Unions raise the bar for everyone, and it’s exciting that the Teamsters are taking such a direct and impassioned approach towards organizing Amazon workers.

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