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United COVID-19 Testing Requirement Update

Date: July 2, 2021


This week United distributed a series of Safety Alerts regarding changes to COVID-19 testing requirements for certain international flights. These changes, communicated through the Safety Alerts, serve as good reminders for each of us to always be aware of the changing nature of this information as it’s updated on requirements for testing at specific locations.

Announced Monday:  United is re-launching service to some destinations that have restricted access due to COVID-19 and some foreign governments are now requiring a pre-departure COVID-19 test with negative results be obtained within three days of arrival for crewmembers. 

Announced Tuesday:  Israel is delaying implementation of the testing requirements and crewmembers will not currently be required to have pre-departure COVID-19 testing for flights to TLV.

Announced Wednesday:  Beginning July 1, Reykjavik, Iceland (KEF) will no longer require crewmembers to conduct pre-departure COVID-19 testing.

And, the pre-departure COVID-19 testing location for SFO – PPT has changed. Crewmembers will now find the most up-to-date information on Flying Together > Coronavirus: Latest Updates > International Restrictions.

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