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Known Crew Member (KCM) is Accessible Only for "Active" Crewmembers

Date: July 9, 2021

As a reminder, if you have been inactive, on a Special COLA, another “Leave of Absence” or if you have been temporarily removed from service, you will find your access via KCM has been restricted. 

Also, keep in mind that when returning to active status there will be a delay in updating your status to “active” which may result in your inability to use KCM access. In most instances, you will need to fly your first trip to trigger the return of your status to active and to once again become KCM eligible.

As we are aware, the Known Crew Member (KCM) program provides crew members the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of expedited security screening and to access sterile areas of the airport through a separate KCM portal. The continued viability and success of the program are dependent upon crew members demonstrating that they can be trusted to comply with all related requirements.

Ensuring our continued participation in the Known Crew Member program requires each of us to know and abide by the rules. Failure to follow the established system-wide TSA policy could result in profoundly serious personal consequences including but not limited to revocation of your badge(s) and fines for the company and the individual responsible for the violation. 

As a reminder, it is critical that you are aware there are more stringent TSA requirements for security screening for crewmembers who are not on duty (or traveling for company business). For those intending to board an aircraft for personal travel, regardless of travel status (including but not limited to positive-space emergency travel, Union business travel, space-available, CJA, vacation, or commuting) you must enter the sterile area, better known as the public area of the terminal concourse, through a TSA checkpoint. If your travel is strictly domestic this can be through the KCM checkpoint. However, if one’s travel plans include international travel, KCM is not an acceptable screening point.

If after entering the sterile area a non-working crew member does not remain within the confines of sterile area (i.e., concourse), secure area (i.e., domicile), SIDA, or security restricted areas of the airport (i.e., non-public) prior to boarding the aircraft, she/he must be rescreened using the above procedures.

If you are in doubt regarding what constitutes the sterile or secure area of your local airport, you should always be rescreened to avoid any violation, KCM revocation, and or other penalties.  

If your KCM barcode card is lost or stolen, you may still utilize all the active KCM access points without a card. This includes crewmembers that may have a KCM barcode card that does not function properly at the time of scanning. The Transportation Security Officers (TSO) will manually input your information into the KCM system if you do not have a functioning barcode card. If you require a new KCM barcode card, you can request one from the “concierge desk” in the domicile/base. Once you receive your new KCM barcode card, log in to your secure account at www.mykcmsupport.com, and update your account with your new KCM barcode card number. 

In every instance, if you are uncertain about the proper procedures at any airport, please inquire with a local TSA agent.

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