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Attendance Bonus Points – How are they Applied?

Date: July 13, 2021

We understand there may be some confusion about how and when bonus points are applied when a Flight Attendant has a point generating occurrence. 

Bonus point(s) serve as an incentive that is used during certain peak travel periods to recognize those who support the operation during that time frame. Whether flying your awarded schedule or picking up trips during the period, Flight Attendants qualify for the incentive. 

Once generated, that is ‘earned’ by the Flight Attendant, a reference to the point will remain in the Flight Attendant Work History until a point generating occurrence occurs.  Any earned points will automatically be applied to the next attendance generating occurrence to reduce the points accrued for the absence to the lowest possible level.

While some instances will use the full earned bonus point(s) balance each situation is unique. For example, if a Flight Attendant with two (2) bonus points was out sick and provided a doctor’s note reducing the attendance points to 1.5 they would have a remaining balance of .5 points in their work history that would be applied to any future attendance need.

Keeping track of your work history and bonus points it an excellent way to monitor your points balance and ensure they are being recorded and applied correctly. Inaccuracies or discrepancies should be reported to your supervisor for prompt correction. For additional help understanding bonus points contact your Local Council.

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