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Clarifying Recent Scope Article

Date: July 16, 2021

We’ve received some questions about an article we included in last week’s edition of Debrief that we want to clarify.

In the July 9th publication, we included the statement:

“When supervisors, COBUS or other employees perform this undisputed Flight Attendant work, it is a violation of our Contract.”

For clarity, Flight Attendants assigned to Company Business Assignments (COBUS) are, in fact, Flight Attendants.  In those instances where, for example, a COBUS Flight Attendant may be sent to the aircraft to support the operation and assist in pre-boarding, she/he is able to perform Flight Attendant duties during boarding without infringing on the Scope provisions of our Contract.

We have confirmed with management there is no intent to change the traditional use of COBUS Flight Attendants during boarding outside of those provided for in the Contract. 

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