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My Safety App Launched

Date: July 16, 2021

This week, United introduced the My Safety App to our Link devices as an added tool for our use in completing Irregular Operations Reports (IOR) and Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) reports.  The app will automatically install on your Link device whenever it has connectivity and should begin to download shortly after unlocking your device.  

The My Safety App will allow you to file new IOR and ISAP reports, as well as to access past reports you have filed.   Flight Attendants will continue to have access to the web-based tool we traditionally used on Flying Together to file safety reports.  ASAP.UAL.COM is another more direct link to accessing the safety reporting system via the internet.

An additional feature of the app is the functionality to add pictures to any report, to help fill out any narrative you will provide.  Pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words.  Also, in support of AFA’s ongoing commitment to safety and the support of our Membership, our MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee will automatically receive a copy of reports submitted via the app.

As with any tool intended to make doing our job easier, we must be aware of how to use it appropriately. This tool is intended to help us, so we need to make sure that our use does not have the unintended consequence of creating another safety issue for ourselves.

For example, the My Safety App, regardless of the convenience, should not be used during critical phases of flight.  Every report we file is essential in supporting our safety priorities.  For this reason, we do not recommend that you file ‘in the moment’ reports.  While we are all aware of the time frames in which reporting must occur, nothing can be more important than taking the time to compose a thoughtful and complete record of the event(s) you are reporting to management. 

We recommend that you file your report(s) after the situation is resolved and only once you’ve had the opportunity to step back from any situation that might be emotionally charged.  Give yourself the time to collect your thoughts and let the adrenalin levels in your body subside.  Compose your report with clear facts from a non-emotional perspective in order to capture the detailed, essential facts.  Your best report submissions will contain facts. 

When writing an IOR/ISAP, your comments are more powerful when you clearly identify the "who, what, where and why" in a concise and professional manner. There is a difference between writing a report intended to vent frustrations and writing one to effectively communicate the problem(s) encountered.  Effective communication is essential in driving the changes we may collectively seek in our workplace.

Finally, once you’ve compiled your report, take the time to review what you’ve put together before you hit the submit button.  By doing so, you ensure the report you are about to send to management contains the essential information necessary to address a situation that has either occurred or on which you are writing in your effort to keep others safe in the future.

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