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White and Purple Flag Declarations

Date: July 16, 2021

Management recently designated White Flag Days in DEN, IAH and ORD.  As part of the negotiations that led to the Collective Agreement under which we all work, management and the Union reached agreement on ways to incentivize Flight Attendants to assist in covering flying during periods when resources are tight.

White Flag is declared when management identifies coverage concerns for specific days, at specific locations where coverage might be tight.

Purple Flag is declared when management identifies coverage concerns for specific pairings, at specific locations where coverage might be tight.  

Once Scheduling declares White (or Purple) Flag, Flight Attendants straight picking up one of these pairings from CCS OPEN TIME can qualify for white (purple) flag compensation as set forth in our Contract.  White (purple) flag trips can be picked up through the Electronic Bulletin Board.  There is no need to contact Crew Scheduling to pick up these trips.  You must be in position and operate the pairing or, if cancelled, be reassigned in order to receive pay protection at the white (purple) flag rate.

All out of base pick up rules apply.  White (purple) Flag pay is for all hours flown and credited for the pairing.

We’ve seen great progress in the resumption of our domestic network flying which is now more robust than it has been at anytime since the pandemic began.  This increased flying, in combination with the weather concerns that affect summer flying, together create possible scenarios where additional staffing is needed and supply outpaces demand of available coverage resources.

AFA continues to advocate for schedule flexibility and has asked management to take a look at revising coverage levels, where possible, to facilitate Flight Attendant trading into periods where demand is high and resources are strained.   This advocacy for overall schedule flexibility is a critical component of our Contract that we expect will continue as we move into the summer because, in our view, doing so creates the environment where these trades prove to be mutually beneficial to Flight Attendants as well as the operation. 

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