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Clarifying the International Purser Recruitment Announcement

Date: July 20, 2021

United announced, that due to resumption of service in the International markets, the International Purser program will be expanded to include new entrants. It is anticipated more International Pursers will be needed in HNL and LHR.

Most bases have a waitlist of individuals with active International Purser qualifications who can be quickly activated when there is a vacancy due to attrition or increased flying; at LHR and HNL, the waitlist has been depleted.

Requirements for a successful International Purser candidate are outlined in the International Purser job description on Flying Together (Flying Together>Inflight Services>In This Section>International Purser Program.   You may also reach the International Purser team by writing to IPurser@united.com.

Please note, management will continue to clear International Purser qualified Flight Attendants from the waitlist at the base created as a result of the processing of transfers to the geographic base that might have included anyone having an International Purser qualification at their former base. 

As a reminder, the priority period outlined in LOA #16 which created the International Purser Waitlist from those based on qualifications at their pre-merger airline has expired.

Please contact your Local Council Office for more information.

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