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Debrief: July 20, 2021

Date: July 20, 2021

Self Help 101- Your Rest Matters

We are all relieved to see our industry once again booming with the return of summer travel.

Flights are full and our days are long as we are pushed hard to meet the needs of the seasonal demand. Summer travel is always known for throwing curve balls, severe weather in one region can pose a significant impact to United’s route network resulting in cancellations, diversions and delays. Based on what’s happening on one day, the irregular operations that follow has Flight Attendants scrambling for support from a network that hasn’t fully recovered from the pandemic.

Our Contract provides protection to ensure when things go wrong that we have solutions at our disposal to place our needs, safety, and rest first. Unfortunately, we have a long history with United often being “caught unaware” and understaffed at Crew Scheduling and/or the Hotel Desk, and then we’re forced to endure excessively long wait or hold times after an already long day.  While everyone needs to work together in these scenarios, Flight Attendants out on the line, waiting at the airport for hotel information or transportation that is delayed when they already have minimum rest, may need to intervene on their own behalf to provide for their own needs.

Transportation: Section 5.D.4. of our Contract requires layover hotel-operated transportation to be available to pick-up Flight Attendants within 35 minutes of block arrival. In those circumstances where transportation is contracted independently (“public limousine service” – in other words not a hotel van), the cut-off time is 45 minutes after block arrival. If these wait times are exceeded, Flight Attendants may use other means of transportation to the place of lodging, i.e. self-help, and seek reimbursement.

Hotel: If, as a result of irregular operations, you arrive in a city where a hotel was not planned but becomes necessary after trying to reach the Hotel Desk, you may find yourself needing to use these Self-Help procedures to secure a hotel room for the night.

Additionally, Section 5.B.5. states if you arrive at a layover hotel and your room is not ready within 30 minutes after arrival you may use Self-Help and obtain other accommodations. There are certainly other times you may also use Self-Help such as: no hot or cold water, no power, no heat or air conditioning, broken door locks, bugs or vermin of any kind in your room, no food availability whatsoever, noise that prohibits legal rest or any situation that threatens your safety or well-being. 

If you encounter these or similar issues, take the following action to correct your experience: 

  1. Calmly attempt to resolve the issue with the people providing the services – the hotel or transportation company.  Always ask to speak to a manager on duty.
  2. If this fails to fix the problem, call the Hotel Desk (Crew Accommodations) and ask for their assistance. Call 888-4-UAL-VIP (888-482-5847) or select the hotel option from your pre-merger Crew Scheduling Menu.
  1. If you do not get resolution to your situation through these two avenues, go to another hotel and take a taxi, if necessary.  Ensure that you have the names of hotel and company representatives with whom you’ve spoken.  Get receipts for all of your expenses and submit a company expense report for reimbursement.
  1. Once settled into a different hotel, call Crew Scheduling and let them know where you are.  Be aware that the Hotel Desk is not Crew Scheduling.

Don’t be afraid to act in your best interests.  United is responsible for our safety on layovers.  If they do not respond, take care of yourself.  If one of your flying partners is in trouble and doesn’t have the expendable cash or a credit card to take care of it, help them out if you can. 

When you return from your trip, remember to file the appropriate expense report and attach your receipts for reimbursement.  Alternatively, you may attempt to call the Hotel Desk the next morning before you check-out of the hotel to request that United take care of the hotel charges and avoid the need for reimbursement.

To be clear, if any Flight Attendant feels they are unsafe to perform their Flight Attendant duties efficiently and safely, due to a lack of adequate rest, they are encouraged to review the company’s Fatigue Risk Management Program and act accordingly. 

We will continue to reiterate our expectation to management that provisioning of hotel rooms remains the company’s responsibility. Self-help is not only allowable per our Collective Bargaining Agreement; it is strongly recommended that you seek self-help to ensure adequate rest and to protect your safety. Our AFA MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee meets with United Crew Accommodations monthly, to address problems and seek positive resolution.  Our advocacy is strengthened when problems are documented and trended through our Hotel Reporting Form.  Help us help you.  File a report every time you experience a problem, conversely, or a positive experience.

Day 1 of the Summer MEC Meeting

Today, July 20, 2021 concluded the first day of the Regularly Scheduled United Master Executive Council (MEC) Summer Meeting. Reports and updates were given by our MEC Officers in addition to reports from our MEC Reserve Committee and EAP (Employee Assistance/ Professional Standards).

The meeting will continue tomorrow July 21, 2021 and the public portion of the meeting is expected to end at the close of Wednesday’s meeting.  Thursday, July 22 will consist of an Executive (closed) Session. A full meeting agenda may be viewed here.

Members who are in the area are welcome and encouraged to attend. As a reminded, to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 any Member in attendance will need to wear a mask unless able and willing to provide proof of their vaccination status upon arrival.

We thank the Members who were in attendance today and look forward to welcoming more tomorrow. A summary of the Day One Meeting will be posted our website.

Hyatt Rosemont
6350 N. River Rd.
Rosemont IL. 60018

CQ Rebid Reminder

Due to the significant number of Flight Attendants attending requalification training and returning to flight duty since last February, management has determined there is a need to re-balance future training staffing needs by spreading out the overall training liability.

Flight Attendants with a recurrent training date (CQ) that falls within February 2022 – July 2022 or July 2021 will be required to bid for a new “due” month in which to attend CQ. The company is offering the bid months of September 2021- January 2022. Once awarded, Members will see their new due month in their CCS qualifications screen.

Flight Attendants should check their corporate e-mail account to determine if they are impacted by the realignment process as this will not affect all Flight Attendants who attended training during these months.

Regardless of the current qualification expiration date for these affected Members, it is likely they attend training twice in 2021. Keep in mind, the CQ training program starts a new year in August 2021 so you will be participating the new CQ training agenda and you will then resume the 12-month training rotation.

*Note: If you are on a Leave of Absence (LOA) during the bidding period, you must submit a bid for a new due month during this bid period.

Bids Open:    Noon CST, Tuesday July 20, 2021

Bids Close:    Noon CST, Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at

Bids Posted: Tuesday, August 10, 2021

CQ due month bids will be awarded in seniority order. We suggest keeping a record of your CQ due month re-bid bid screen.

As a reminder CQ 2022 is a one-day (1) program and consists of regulatory and Customer Service Training.

Questions? Contact Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST) Non-Operational Scheduling at FLT-LINE (1-800-358-5463) Option 4, Option 2 or submit a CCS Virtual Chat for additional information and assistance. Open the virtual chat and select Inflight Admin (FAST) > Training Scheduling > CQ Due Month

Clarifying the International Purser Recruitment Announcement

United announced, that due to resumption of service in the International markets, the International Purser program will be expanded to include new entrants. It is anticipated more International Pursers will be needed in HNL and LHR.

Most bases have a waitlist of individuals with active International Purser qualifications who can be quickly activated when there is a vacancy due to attrition or increased flying; at LHR and HNL, the waitlist has been depleted.

Requirements for a successful International Purser candidate are outlined in the International Purser job description on Flying Together (Flying Together>Inflight Services>In This Section>International Purser Program.   You may also reach the International Purser team by writing to IPurser@united.com.

Please note, management will continue to clear International Purser qualified Flight Attendants from the waitlist at the base created as a result of the processing of transfers to the geographic base that might have included anyone having an International Purser qualification at their former base. 

As a reminder, the priority period outlined in LOA #16 which created the International Purser Waitlist from those based on qualifications at their pre-merger airline has expired.

Please contact your Local Council Office for more information.

Reserve Timeline Calendar for August 2021

If awarded or assigned a Reserve line for the August 2021 bid month, there are various scheduling request deadlines and processes that occur during the period between bid awards and through the first week of the new month.

While some of these events occur on the same calendar day(s) each month, there are a few that are determined based on the actual start day of the new Flight Attendant bid month, which may vary from month to month.

For your convenience, we have compiled a Reserve bid month timeline detailing these items in both calendar and list formats in the Reserve section on our website.

Reminders & Dates

July 20-22 – United MEC Summer Meeting
July 20 - CQ Due Month Re-Bid Window Opens: 1200 CST
July 23 - National Gorgeous Grandma Day
August 3 – CQ Due Month Re-Bid Window Closes: 1200 CST
August 10 – CQ Due Month Awards Posted


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