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Create Your AFA Account on “unitedafa.org” Today!

Date: July 23, 2021

Our United MEC Website offers information and support for Members throughout our Union. It is your one stop shop on which you will find the latest updates to our industry, current issues our profession is facing, and matters related to our Contract.

In addition to educational support and contact information for our Union leadership, this is where Members can file reports for LEC Worksheets, Hotel and Transportations matters, General Incidents, Marginal Staffing Reports, Professional Standards and Safety reports.

Because some of the information related to our work at United should not be subject to review and commented by the public, our website restricts access to information such as our Letters of Agreement, MEC Meeting information and other information specific to our work.

To make sure you have access to the secure area of our website, all Members are encouraged to create an Account on www.unitedafa.org, the official United MEC website. You will need your Employee Number, your Inflight Seniority date and your Birth Date. Your Inflight Seniority date is the same as your “bid date.”  If you are unsure of your seniority date, look for your bidding seniority on CCS > Staffing > Staffing Report > Emp ID “employee number, with the u” > Submit > Bid Date information.

Please note that you will be prompted to create a unique and secure password as well as establishing a security question for verification purposes to be used later in the event you forget your password.

Once you have completed the registration steps you will have access to the secure areas of the website where access is limited ONLY to Members.

If you have questions or have trouble in setting up your account, please contact your Local Council Representative for additional direction.

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