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E-Lines: July 23, 2021

Date: July 23, 2021

AFA Debrief – July 23, 2021


  • United MEC Votes to Open Contract Negotiations
  • Vaccination Requirements to International Destinations
  •  AFA Breast Cancer Awareness Pin
  • Create Your AFA Account on “unitedafa.org” Today!
  •  Vaccination Information Required for NRPS International Travel - August 1, 2021
  •  Summer 2021 Regular MEC Meeting Recessed
  •  Obtaining Past W2 Information – For Separated/Retired Employees
  •  September Special COLA Bidding Now Open
  •  Help End Human Trafficking: Take the Survey
  •  Dependent Verification Process Now in Progress


United MEC Votes to Open Contract Negotiations

At our recent Summer 2021 Master Executive Council (MEC) meeting this past week, our MEC Negotiations Committee provided an update on our industry, our airline, and the efforts of the Committee over the past two years in preparing for Contract Bargaining. 

Based on the unique combination of these efforts with the financial recovery of our industry and, more specifically, United Airlines, an assessment was made by the leadership about moving forward to begin Section 6 negotiations.

The United Master Executive Council unanimously adopted a Resolution for Beginning Direct Bargaining with United Airlines.

In a letter to the Membership from Ken Diaz, our MEC President, Ken rallies the membership to understand the thought process behind this strategic move as well as the value of us collectively sending the message to United management that we are not only worthy of an industry leading Contract, we have earned it through our commitment to our airline.  Now is our time to begin this process.

We encourage you to review the MEC President’s Letter and visit www.contract2021.org website for the special Negotiations Newsletter.  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for Negotiations News. It’s the official source for all the information you will need to stay current with events as they occur.

Vaccination Requirements to International Destinations

As previously reported, effective with the August 2021 bid month, crewmembers are required to be fully vaccinated and have their COVID-19 vaccination information documented in company systems to fly into certain international destinations. 

Enter your vaccination information and upload your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (or the International equivalent) from the “My Info Section” on Flying Together. 

Currently, the six (6) identified destinations include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Peru.  This list is evolving and subject to change.   The most up to date information about country specific requirements can be accessed using the follow path on Flying Together:

Flying Together > Our Airline > COVID-19 (Coronavirus) > Crew travel restrictions.

As this requirement becomes effective with the August 2021 schedule month, we want to ensure an awareness of how trip pairings for Flight Attendants who are not vaccinated or who have not uploaded vaccination information will be specifically addressed.  This includes pairings that overlap into August as well as those originating in the August schedule month.

If you have a trip that overlaps from July into the August bid month to a destination that requires a vaccination for your return flight, you will be removed from your pairing starting July 26, 2021, without pay protection and will have missed trip (MT) coding placed on your schedule. The MT will show from 0001 to 0002 on the day of the scheduled departure, so you will be able to pick up additional flying except over that one-minute period. The points or discipline typically associated with the missed trip (MT) coding will not be assessed.

If you have a trip in your August schedule to a destination requiring a vaccination, but do not have your vaccination information uploaded, or you have not met the mandatory 14-day waiting period prior to your scheduled flight, you will be removed from your pairing the calendar day before the pairing is scheduled to depart without pay protection and will have missed trip (MT) coding placed on your schedule. The MT will show from 0001 to 0002 on the day of the scheduled departure, so you will be able to pick up additional flying except over that one-minute period. For the August bid month, the points or discipline typically associated with the missed trip (MT) coding will not be assessed.

Prior to the start of the September 2021 bid process, this information will be reviewed and changes or updates to the process will be communicated in the September Bid Package cover letter.

AFA Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

October is just a few months away and, as we have done each year for more than a decade, we have begun preparations for Breast Cancer awareness month. Breast cancer affects approximately one in eight women in the United States. 

In 2020 alone, there was an estimated 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer in addition to the 48,530 new cases of noninvasive breast cancer in women. While rare, men too are diagnosed with breast cancer.  In 2020, it was estimated that 2,620 men had been diagnosed.

This awareness is personal to our Union as many of our sisters and brothers have battled against this debilitating disease. Given the prominence of our position in the public view, we are uniquely situated to bring awareness the need not only for additional research to overcome Breast Cancer but to remind the public about the value of early detection and regular examinations to increase the opportunity for early detection.

During the Summer Regular Meeting of the United MEC this past week, a Resolution to create an AFA Breast Cancer Awareness Pin was unanimously adopted.

Work will begin to design and create the new pin, that is to be worn in addition to our official AFA pin, to bring attention to this deadly disease and increase the chances of survival for anyone who may become afflicted. 

Additional information on the distribution of the AFA Breast Cancer Awareness Pin will be published in an upcoming edition of Debrief, so be sure to keep an eye out for this information.

Create Your AFA Account on “unitedafa.org” Today!

Our United MEC Website offers information and support for Members throughout our Union. It is your one stop shop on which you will find the latest updates to our industry, current issues our profession is facing, and matters related to our Contract.

In addition to educational support and contact information for our Union leadership, this is where Members can file reports for LEC Worksheets, Hotel and Transportations matters, General Incidents, Marginal Staffing Reports, Professional Standards and Safety reports.

Because some of the information related to our work at United should not be subject to review and commented upon by the public, our website restricts access to information such as our Letters of Agreement, MEC Meeting information and other information specific to our work.

To make sure you have access to the secure area of our website, all Members are encouraged to create an Account on www.unitedafa.org, the official United MEC website. You will need your Employee Number, your Inflight Seniority date and your Birth Date. Your Inflight Seniority date is the same as your “bid date.”  If you are unsure of your seniority date, look for your bidding seniority on CCS > Staffing > Staffing Report > Emp ID “employee number, with the u” > Submit > Bid Date information.

Please note that you will be prompted to create and establish a unique and secure password as well as a security question for verification purposes to be used later in the event you forget your password.

Once you have completed the registration steps you will have access to the secure areas of the website where access is limited ONLY to Members.

If you have questions or have trouble in setting up your account, please contact your Local Council Representative for additional direction.

Vaccination Information Required for NRPS International Travel - August 1, 2021

Beginning August 1, 2021, the company has announced it will prohibit positive space travel for U.S. based employees to and from locations outside the 50 United States and its territories for travel if you have not uploaded proof of having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to “My Info” on the Flying Together website.

Also, starting that day, if you have a positive space booking and do not have your vaccine record uploaded in the “My Info” section, your booking will be cancelled.

No action is required of U.S. based employees who have already uploaded their vaccine information into the “My Info” section of the company’s website.

There is an exemption for Internationally based Flight Attendants (based on work/base location, not home address), qualifying positive-space emergency travel, Pilot and Flight Attendant deadhead, deviation travel and travel to attend training.

Currently, space-available leisure travel and myUAdiscount are not affected by this policy change.  However, other countries may have their own restrictions and we strongly recommend that you complete the research before your trip using various tools such as the “see What’s Open for Travel” on united.com.

If you have additional questions about this policy change, please contact base management.

Summer 2021 Regular MEC Meeting Recessed

The Summer Regular Meeting of United Master Executive Council (MEC) recessed on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at which time an Executive Session (closed) for the leadership convened.

During this quarterly session, the MEC received updates from the MEC President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer as well as reports from MEC Communications, Employee Assistance/Professional Standard (EAP), Reserve and our Negotiations Committees. 

At various points throughout the session, the United MEC engaged in Open Discussion to review and discuss several topics relevant to individual Councils and issues of importance to our Members.

Meeting summaries from each day are available on unitedafa.org.

Obtaining Past W2 Information – For Separated/Retired Employees

Over the course of the past year, circumstances for many employees have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the past year, several employees have left the employment of United Airlines.  Several of these former employees have contacted our office asking how they can obtain earnings information for prior years.

It is important to understand that terminated and involuntary furloughed employees do not have access to Help Hub and will not have an option to access this company resource.

If you are seeking W2 information for the calendar years 2010 - 2017, you must call United Payroll to request a copy of the documents.  In order to obtain information for this specific time frame, please call the Employee Service Center at (877) 825-3729.

If you are seeking W2 information for calendar years 2018, 2019 and 2020, you may obtain these documents via my.adp.com by creating an account for access.  When creating an account, there are a few items of which you should be aware:

  1. In any web browser, type my.adp.com in the address box.  (This will bring you to the ADP log-in page.)
  2. Click the REGISTER NOW button. (This will bring you to the Create Your Account screen.)
  3. Enter the organization registration code for United:  unitedal-ual1, then next. (This will bring you to the Identify Yourself Screen.)
  4. Complete the requested information entering your employee number without the u.
  5. Once registration is complete, you will receive two (2) automated e-mails from ADP.
  6. The first e-mail is the welcome e-mail.
  7. The second e-mail requires activation with your personal e-mail address.
  8. Once your e-mail address is activated, you will be able to access the site where you will be able to download your W2. 

NOTE:   You must have an Adobe (pdf) reader to view your electronic W2.

In the event you experience difficulties accessing the my.adp.com website, please contact United Payroll via the Employee Service Center at (877) 825-3729.

September Special COLA Bidding Now Open

Inflight Scheduling has determined there will be an opportunity to award additional time off options for the month of September.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, on CCS place a request on file using the following path:  CCS > Leaves > Special COLA.

The deadline to submit the request is August 3, 2021, at 8:00AM Central Time.

For more information regarding Special COLAs please visit: Flying Together > My Work > My Department > In this section > Crew Scheduling > Partnership, COLAs and Jobshares.

Help End Human Trafficking: Take the Survey

AFA is partnering with United Against Slavery in a global effort to end the scourge of human trafficking. As Flight Attendants and aviation's first responders, we are uniquely positioned to identify human traffickers and assist their victims.

Human trafficking is a billion-dollar business, but Flight Attendants can be 100,000 Eyes in the Skies to recognize and report it. We can be the ones to make the difference.

Historical efforts to gather and understand information and implement effective solutions for this crime have been a challenge and success seemed unattainable. Why? They have not involved collecting the knowledge that only those on the frontlines have. 

We are asking that you participate in this survey to help identify critical information needed to help end human trafficking.

Take the survey >

Dependent Verification Process Now in Progress

As was announced by United management in the July 9, 2021, United Daily publication, United will embark on a Benefits Dependent Verification process of spouses and domestic partners.  

For the past five (5) years, United management has conducted “gap” audits for Health and Welfare benefits.  The gap audit is a look back at any newly added dependents covered in the previous through the current year.  This year, the gap audit will cover any new dependents added from 3/1/2020 – 7/1/2021.

With this initiative, the company plans to expand verification beyond new adds only.  During the month of July, the company will conduct a spouse/domestic partner re-verification audit to validate current spouse/domestic partner relationships in an effort to reset the corporate plan to ensure appropriate eligibility and coverage.  This will include any current spouse/domestic partner covered in the plan who has never been solicited through any gap audit previously.

Affected employees will be notified of the requirement to participate in the audit via written communication that will be sent to their address of record with United Airlines.  These notices are currently in the U.S. Mail system.  In addition, when employees sign into YBR via the company’s website, they will immediately see a notice advising them that “Action is Required.”  We’ve received questions from those who have happened to find the notice on YBR who have expressed concern they have not been notified of the ongoing initiative.  Please keep in mind, responses are not due until August 26, 2021.

The company is aware that the mail appears to be taking longer to deliver than was expected.  However, we have been assured that all of the notices have been dropped in the mail and should be on their way to our address of record.

While those of us who have gone through these audits in the past may find them to be intrusive, perhaps even offensive, the fact is that the company has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the plan, mitigate any risk and to ensure those deriving benefits from our plans are truly eligible for same.   It is for this reason the company tells us this initiative, with which we are required to comply for continued coverage, is underway.

You may act on the information request available through YBR without receiving the mail notice or you may elect to wait until the notice arrives to respond.  If you have additional questions on the Dependent Verification Process, please contact the UABC at (800) 651-1007.

Reminders & Dates

August 3 – CQ Due Month Re-Bid Window Closes: 1200 CST
August 10 – CQ Due Month Awards Posted


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