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Mid-trip or en Route Sick Leave Compensation

Date: July 27, 2021

There are some differences in how Reserve and Lineholder Flight Attendants are paid when become ill, before check-in, after check-in and while mid-sequence.  Section 13 of our Contract provides detailed information on how our pay is protected under these circumstances.


When a Reserve goes on sick leave and she/he has not yet been assigned, or if she/he has been assigned but goes on sick leave prior to check in, she/he will be credited with the value of a Reserve day of availability.

On the other hand, when a Reserve goes on sick leave after check-in, she/he will be credited sick leave from her/his sick leave bank up to the number of scheduled flight time hours missed.  (Section 13.D.5.)


When a lineholder is on sick leave, she/he shall be credited sick leave hours from her/his [sick leave] bank only up to the number of scheduled flight time hours missed. (Section 13.D.4.)

In a situation where either a Lineholder or a Reserve is working a flight assignment and becomes ill after having completed one or more flight segments in the assigned pairing, Flight Attendants will be paid as follows:

·      They will be compensated for completed flight segments flown, and

·      Sick leave will be paid from her/his sick leave bank to cover the balance of the flight assignment missed.

When a Flight Attendant goes on sick leave while working away from her/his domicile, Reserve or lineholder, the company shall continue per diem and lodging (Section 5), until the Flight Attendant is able to return to her/his domicile, home or reasonable alternative request. The company shall provide transportation when she/he is able to travel. (This is not deadhead travel.)

In such a circumstance, Flight Attendants should retain a copy of the boarding card for the flight on which they return to base, home or alternative request to provide to their supervisor in order to establish when per diem calculations conclude.  Supervisors should provide this information to crew pay for a manual posting of per diem.

If you have questions about the compensation to which you are entitled if you become ill while working away from home, please submit a pay claim via Help Hub and contact your Local Council Office for further assistance.

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