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CQ Due Month Re-bid Reminder

Date: July 30, 2021

As was detailed in our July 20, 2021 edition of the AFA Debrief newsletter, as the company works to rebalance their CQ training liability and to ensure they can manage the total number of training seats needed in any given month, management has determined that some Flight Attendants may need to re-bid their CQ due month. 

Driven largely by the events of the COVID-19 pandemic which drove record numbers of Flight Attendants into requalification training prior to their return to flight duty, management has determined that certain Flight Attendants at some locations will need to re-bid in order to ensure training can be completed timely. 

Only affected Flight Attendants will receive a targeted e-mail communication with specific instructions for re-bidding via their company e-mail.   If you are not affected, you will not be sent an e-mail and no action will be required.

Please refer to the AFA Debrief news article on July 20, 2021 for more information.

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