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Get Connected! Sign up for all Union Communications

Date: July 30, 2021

As we reported following the conclusion of last week’s Summer Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council, AFA leadership unanimously adopted a Resolution for Beginning Direct Bargaining consistent with the terms of our Contract. 

As we begin gearing up for our upcoming Negotiations, it is imperative that all United Flight Attendants have the most up to date information regarding developments in our industry, current AFA messages, Contractual Education articles, Legislative Action Alerts and Membership Engagement messages associated with our Flight Attendant career.  As we move along in the process, understanding developments in Negotiations and the important role each of us will play in the process will be communicated through our Negotiations Updates.

In addition to taking the time to remain informed, each of us can help by encouraging other flying partners to also sign up to receive official Union communication.  And, for us to collectively succeed in achieving our priorities in bargaining, we must all remain in touch, informed, and engaged. It’s important that we are all on the same page for Negotiations.

Signing up to receive both editions of these sources of official Union information is uncomplicated:

  • Visit www.unitedafa.org to sign up for Debrief, our newsletter pertaining to latest AFA message.
  • Our Contract 2021 website (www.contract2021.org/sign-up) provides the links to sign-up for Negotiation News, our newsletter pertaining to all things in the Negotiations arena.

It’s important to note that if you believe you have already signed up with your email address and have not received a current Debrief or Negotiations Newsletter, we encourage you to sign up again. 

We want to ensure we emphasize, we do not use, nor will our systems accept, our corporate e-mail (united.com addresses) for official Union communications.

By signing up today you will receive timely, relevant, and information that is important to our work life.   An informed and engaged Membership is key to our collective success!

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