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Video shows fight break out on American Airlines flight after seat gets stuck

Date: July 31, 2021

By Claudio Dimuro, MLive

A plane seat that got stuck in its reclining position caused two men get into a fight.

It happened over the weekend during an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Austin, Texas, adding to the continuing trend of passenger unruliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New York Post reports how one of the other passengers present on the plane managed to take a video capturing the scuffle, explaining to news station KXAN how it all started “over a seat that couldn’t unrecline.”

Though not even a minute long, the two men may be seen struggling with each other down the aisle as everyone else screams for them to knock it off. When it appears that both of them have been successfully subdued, one man breaks free and begins hitting his opponent all over again.

As previously stated, there has been a significant spike in airline passengers’ aggression throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The BBC’s website details how the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) saw a report 3,100 incidents of unruly behavior between January and mid-June, 487 of which have been investigated. This is certainly a sharp juxtaposition next to the typical yearly average of 142 such investigations.

CNN points out how flight attendants in particular have become worried over such occurrences, as a number of the incidents have directly involved airline employees getting into altercations with passengers.

In this incident, both of the unidentified men “were arrested shortly” afterward as the plane had already landed when the fight broke out.

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