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Senior Opting – “Once Filled, Remains Filled.”

Date: August 10, 2021

Recent irregular operations have resulted in several questions related to senior opting.  To avoid any confusion, we want to stress the following as it pertains to senior opting:

  • Only the open position that was assigned to a Reserve is available for senior option.

If a more senior Flight Attendant senior opts the Reserve from her/his position, the Reserve Flight Attendant assumes the position that was vacated by the more senior Flight Attendant. 

The Reserve may only be opted out of a position once, and the seniority option can occur only at the beginning of a pairing and before preflight duties have begun. 

Of importance, once the position is filled, it remains filled and subsequent instances of senior opting during the course of the pairing are not permitted,

  • Reserve Flight Attendants assigned to a position having a different pairing number cannot be opted out of the position unless the pairings contain identical flight segments.

Section 7.O.7. provides that if the [domestic] Purser (“A position”) is picked up from open time, seniority option shall be permitted among all the Flight Attendants on the same pairing even if the position is occupied by a lineholder. 

If you have additional questions, review our April 27, 2021 article on Senior Opting by a Lineholder.

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