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Corporate Requirement for Mandatory Vaccinations

Date: August 13, 2021

Your AFA leadership continues to engage with United management on issues surrounding the company’s planned implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. We will utilize all resources available through our Union to not only protect the contractual rights of all of our Members, but to also fully understand the impact this announcement will have on those who do not meet the timeline established by the requirement.

Subject to exceptions for medical reasons and religious beliefs, the EEOC has ruled that employers are within their right to establish a vaccination requirement.  To address medical exceptions and sincerely held religious beliefs, the Reasonable Accommodation Process is a government mandated, legal process employees use.

We do want to be very clear.  In both instances, these are private issues between the employer, United Airlines, and the employee.  It is for this reason that we must direct those seeking a reasonable accommodation to United management for these details.

The Company is responsible for the administration of this program and your base manager should be your primary point of contact on questions about the Reasonable Accommodation Process.  Additional information is available via Help Hub using a search for Reasonable Accommodation.

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