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Crew Pay Added to Virtual Chat

Date: August 13, 2021

United has added the ability for Flight Attendants to reach the Crew Pay department through the virtual chat app. After a short period of testing, the change to include Crew Pay as part of the chat feature has been implemented. 

A good rule of thumb when using any of United’s chat features is that the nature of the questions should be such that a short, immediate answer to any inquiry can be returned in response to the question.  If your inquiry is one that will require significant investigation and follow-up, it might be best to use existing inquiry procedures. This will allow you to create the record or provide additional supporting documentation to support, as in this case, any pay claim.

As always if you fail to achieve a satisfactory result using any of the features on United’s virtual chat app, or through the established procedural channels with the department responsible, contact our Union with your issue ensuring you have all documentation that supports your claim available for review.

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