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Pre-Departure COVID-19 Testing Pay

Date: August 13, 2021

Flight Attendants with assignments to certain international destinations may be required to submit for COVID-19 pre-departure testing. Associated with this testing requirement is additional pay, which is intended to recognize the supplementary requirement and early report time needed. 

Posting of the COVID-19 pre-departure testing pay to our pay register is a manual process which follows Crew Scheduling notifying Crew Pay of the names of flight crew members that were subject to testing and eligible for pay. Crew Scheduling provides this list to Crew Pay on a weekly basis.

Because so many of the pay components for which we receive compensation are applied automatically to our Pay Registers, we have come to expect to see these components posted almost instantaneously. For COVID-19 pre-departure testing pay, this is not the case.  However, there is no need to submit a Help Hub case right after you finish your trip in requesting this pre-departure testing pay.  Depending on the timing of when you are tested, you may see the pay closer to the date the report is sent to Crew Pay, but you will typically see it posted within the week. 

If, however, your pre-departure pay for the prior month does not appear before paying close (4th business day of the following month), you should reach out to Crew Pay via the Help Hub (Service Request, Pay Register/Payable Hours Inquiry), to resolve the missing pay component to ensure the pay is included in your paycheck.

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