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Jury Duty and Our Contract

Date: August 17, 2021

The Jury Duty- Flight Attendant Guide found in Help Hub details the procedures for notifying the company when we have received a Juror Summons.

We encourage you to review this publication from the company before you submit the Jury Duty Request Form upon receipt of your Juror Summons and before making any changes to your schedule once you have received the Juror Summons.

Our Contractual language set forth in Section 15.M.1., provides more specific information on how Flight Attendants are paid when serving Jury Duty.

  • A Flight Attendant shall inform their supervisor no later than forty-eight (48) hours after received such notice of the obligation to Serve.
  • A Flight Attendant who adjusts their schedule after receiving a jury duty notice shall only be entitled to receive flight pay loss, or pay for missed Reserve days, in their original schedule.

In terms of pay:

  • Lineholder: receives flight pay credit, and all accruals, for any flight time lost due to the requirement to be present for jury duty.
  • Reserve: receives pay credit at the (Reserve) daily rate and all accruals for each Reserve Day lost due to the requirement to be present for jury duty.
  • A Flight Attendant shall be available for reassignment on those days originally scheduled for duty which do not conflict with the jury duty assignment.
  • In addition, after five (5) or more consecutive days of jury duty, or combination of flight duty and jury duty, the Flight Attendant will be guaranteed two (2) additional days off with no loss of pay.
For more information, please contact your Local Council Office.

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