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Our Role as Safety Professionals – eFAOM Compliance

Date: August 17, 2021

We are Safety Professionals. We claim that title with pride and our work on the aircraft reinforces our commitment to the profession we call our own.  Of late, there have been any number of items that have affected our focus.  Updated uniform standards, new catering initiatives and the constant barrage of endless policy changes resulting from the pandemic, to which we have become accustomed has caused us to become distracted.  We’re being flooded with communication about all this “stuff.”  

At the same time, no sooner do we put a revision in our eFAOM that we have an update from the Inflight News Weekly, Base Messages, CCS News, Inflight Scheduling’s Focus and John Slater’s News of the week.  If we lose our focus, it is easy to miss the fact that a Safety Alert has been issued. 

Despite all these distractions and information and technology pressure, we can never lose sight of our primary focus and purpose – safety.  Our Electronic Flight Attendant Operations Manual (eFAOM) provides us with the most up to date information we need to fulfill our role as Safety Professionals.  System-wide up to date eFAOM compliance is incontrovertible evidence of a healthy safety culture. Our individual up to date eFAOM signifies our personal commitment to not only this safety culture but also to our role as Safety Professionals. 

It is our individual responsibility as Safety Professionals to ensure the tool we rely on for the most up to date information is compliant and current.   We must re-double our safety focus and consciously look for the notices of revisions and bulletins and be cognizant of their effective dates.   We need to review these revisions in the eFAOM by their effective date to be fully compliant with FAA regulations.  

If you have questions regarding eFAOM compliance, it is important to remember that while you are in the base before your trip, you can ask a supervisor to assist you in having your manual checked.  This time is dedicated to re-focusing on the eFAOM to ensure it is fully compliant.  We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this forward-thinking opportunity to ensure you have the tools you need in our collective work as Safety Professionals.

Currently, eFAOM Revision #37 is now available for download and becomes effective September 1, 2021. 

If you have questions or are unable to resolve any issues you may have through your base supervisor, contact your Local Council office for assistance.

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