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Differences between AMC Charters and CRAF Missions

Date: August 27, 2021

Yesterday, the company released a Scheduling Alert detailing for our understanding the differences between the AMC Charters and the CRAF Missions

Because much of the information related to the CRAF missions is considered sensitive security information (SSI) we will not replicate that information in this public document. 

We recommend you review the Inflight Scheduling Alert on this subject and contact your Local Council if you have questions.

As an important reminder and for the continued safety and security of those involved, for both AMC charters and CRAF missions, we are restricted from taking pictures or videos while on any Military base, on the aircraft, or of themselves or passengers unless expressly given permission by United. 

In addition, posting of any pictures, videos, or any flight-specific information about the missions on external websites (e.g. social media) is strictly prohibited.

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