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Vaccination Reminders for VSL and Leaves of Absence

Date: August 31, 2021

As a reminder, Flight Attendants who have elected to take part in the Voluntary Separation to Leave (VSL) programs are not expected to return to the service of the company.  For this reason, these individuals are NOT required to be vaccinated under the company’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination program.

However, for the purposes of travel, all pass travelers are expected to comply with any vaccinations requirements that may be specifically required by any country whether part of the VSL program or a retiree.  

We’ve also been made aware of some social media exchanges which suggest there is confusion for those who are currently on leaves of absence.  Those Flight Attendants who are currently on medical, maternity, military, or paternity leaves as well as those on extended illness statuses, that is collecting sick leave for medical or occupational illnesses or injuries, during the period prior to 9/27 are not subject to having to meet the 9/27/21 vaccination deadline established by the company.  While not specifically required to be vaccinated by the 9/27 deadline, these Members should understand that vaccination will be required as a condition of return to flight duty and will be addressed through the return to work process.

Additionally, we want to address some questions about the vaccination requirement that have recently come up since the approval of the Pfizer vaccine.  The information in the company’s COVID-19 FAQ document defines “fully vaccinated” as occurring 14 days after the second of a two-dose regimen or 14 days after a one dose regimen.  However, the most recent communication advising Flight Attendants when they must receive their final inoculation in a series seems to conflict with that requirement.

To be clear, there is a difference between being fully vaccinated and meet the vaccination requirement.  For the purposes of meeting the vaccination requirement, the company has published information on the last date by which you must begin the inoculation process for each of the vaccines.  Being fully vaccinated, that is 14 days following the last dose in the series as defined in the company COVID-19 FAQ, is not a requirement by September 27, 2021. 


Last date to begin series

# Shots in series


September 6, 2021


J & J

September 27, 2021


*It should be noted that the last day to start the vaccination process using the Moderna vaccine was yesterday, August 30, 2021.

Questions about the COVID-19 vaccination process should be directed to your Local Council. 

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