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Labor Day Message

Date: September 6, 2021

Labor Day – It’s our holiday.  It’s that first Monday in September where we annually celebrate not only the economic achievements of American workers, we celebrate our social achievements as well. This year, not unlike others, we have much to celebrate. And, when we layer on top of those achievements the circumstances under which we’ve accomplished these achievements, we must be extraordinarily proud of what we have achieved in the past year since our last celebration.

While many view Labor Day as the “unofficial” end of summer, where many take some period of time away from their work for vacation, in the midst of the difficulties we’re all experiencing at the end of this summer, it could reasonably be suggested it is a welcome end to a very adverse summer weather season.   But it can also be argued, there is little time for rest with so much to be done in the world.  As we collectively labor to help our sisters and brothers who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida and her path of destruction, none of us can afford not to “observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities that honor the contributions and resilience of working Americans.”

Celebrating that resilience is what we must be all about.   This year, let us collectively put a new meaning into Labor Day.  Let combine our collective efforts to start a new ritual this Labor Day – one that is centered on the needs of others.  If we aren’t working this weekend, let’s shut off our telephones and other electronic devices.  Engage with others in our communities, our friends, our neighbors and with others who may be in need.  Spend a part of your day lending a helping hand before having your afternoon barbeque with family and friends and brighten someone else’s day.

Whether you are working this holiday weekend, making it possible for others to spend their time off with family and friends, or at home in your neighborhood, let’s never lose sight of the fact that this is our holiday and that it is through these collective, dedicated efforts that we make Labor Day meaningful and highlight the value of solidarity in all that we do. 

On behalf of the entire United Master Executive Council and our many dedicated volunteers, we wish you and your families a safe, relaxing and engaged holiday weekend this Labor Day – our day to celebrate our solidarity.

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