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Check COVID-19 Vaccination Status on Flying Together – Vaccine Pass from Apps

Date: September 7, 2021

As we begin the month of September many Members are working to complete the required COVID-19 vaccination status required by United. All Flight Attendants without an approved medical or religious exemption are required to be vaccinated and upload proof of vaccination via their vaccine card by September 27, 2021.

We encourage all Member to review their submission of vaccination documentation on Flying Together to ensure compliance with the company vaccination directive; that is, to obtain the vaccine according to the manufacturer’s recommended protocol and upload vaccination documentation.

To check you have properly uploaded your vaccine card: Log in to Flying

Together then Select the “APPS” Tiles in the upper right-hand corner.  Select Vacc Pass from the drop-down menu.  The system response will be a new screen displaying your company vaccination status. A screen with a check mark in a green band is an affirmative indication that your COVID-19 vaccination records are in order. 

If you have submitted all of your documentation and do not receive a response screen indicating “Fully Vaccinated Status” contact Help Hub for assistance to correct or address any issues affecting your documentation.

We recommend that you keep copies of all correspondence with company representatives, including screen shots, for your records. This will assist in verifying any technical issues are properly documented to avoid any issues associated with a failure to comply with company policy.

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