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Safety Demonstration - Compliance with FARs

Date: September 8, 2021

Throughout the course of our workday we operate within the confines of Federal Aviation Regulations always ensuring the safety of our passengers and fellow crewmembers. We work hard to comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations working within the SOPs and service standards of United.

One of our duties includes the required Safety Demonstration for all passengers either shown via the video system installed on the aircraft or through a live demonstration performed by the working crew.

In 2019, United changed their policy with regard to the requirement for working crew members to stand in the aisle in their assigned positions during the video of the safety presentation. This was done to ensure Flight Attendants were positioned at or near their assigned exit should the need for an emergency evacuation become necessary without obstructing a passenger’s view of the video monitors.

Cabin safety checks are always required following the safety video. Doing so ensures cabin readiness and provides passengers with the opportunity to ask questions regarding the safety demonstration or address any other safety concern. Starting the safety demonstration video as soon as possible after door closure is essential. Doing so ensures adequate time to complete the demonstration and conduct an effective cabin check before takeoff.

While we are no longer required to stand in the aisle during the taxi, our focus should be on safety related matters only and following conclusion of the video demonstration, we are required to pass through the cabin to complete these safety checks.

We understand that boarding can be a hectic process and that not all service preparation may be completed, especially in those circumstances where quick turns are involved. Any additional service preparations, such as meal orders, etc., can be accomplished once in flight.

If you find yourself pressed for time to adequately complete the company’s requested service standards due to quick turn boarding or other limitations such as minimum crew, please follow proper reporting procedures by filing an IOR (Irregular Operations Report).  If you have a safety concern, regulatory or company SOP violation, filing an ISAP (Inflight Safety Action Report), which allows Members to self-disclose in an environment with protective provisions, would be appropriate.

For more information please contact your Local Safety Representatives.

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