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Annual Enrollment for Active Employees Takes Place in November!

Date: September 14, 2021

Get the Word Out – Annual Enrollment for Active Employees Takes Place in November!

We want to get the word out that our Annual Benefits Open Enrollment for active employees will open on November 1, 2021, while Annual Benefits Enrollment for retirees will take place in October.  We have been advised that this is a change to the process that will continue beyond 2021.

Annual Enrollment Period for Active Employees:


November 1, 2021


November 19, 2021

The schedule for active employee enrollment has been adjusted to provide opportunities to allow employees to compare the plans of your spouse/domestic partner who may have benefit enrollment periods that begin later in the year at their companies.

Annual Open Enrollment Period for Retirees


October 11, 2021


October 29, 2021

In the coming weeks we can expect that United will share details on our 2022 benefits which will include educational materials and other support resources to assist us in not only making selections but to increase our understanding of the benefit program changes that will be implemented this year.

What’s New this year?

  • New easier to compare plan options
  • New quality-based networks
  • New programs and tools to support employees in the benefits selection process.
  • Continued emphasis on improving overall health as a means to decrease overall costs.

It is critical that each of us understands the benefit options available in order to make informed decisions about your 2022 coverage.  To facilitate understanding, we will also be seeing the following in the weeks ahead:

  • Printed Materials will be sent to our homes with an overview of 2022 benefits designed to support selection of the plan that is right for our individual circumstance as well as a checklist of the items we need to complete during annual enrollment. 
  • Website dedicated to 2022 benefits education that has been designed to be easy to navigate.
  • “Lunch and Learn” sessions that will focus on specific topics to increase understanding of our 2022 plan options. The plan is for there to be many times as well as recorded sessions to be made available for viewing.
  • Virtual interactive presentations where experts will share their views on what to expect for 2022 with opportunities for us to ask questions. 

What is different this year is that there will not be in-person Annual Enrollment fairs in the bases which will make it possible for additional support in other ways to supplement and improve our understanding.

In addition, if you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider setting up in advance access to the Alight Mobile app.  This will allow you to access your United benefits from the convenience of your smartphone using your Flying Together credentials. 

Also, consider electing to receive text messages from the United Airlines Benefits Center to ensure you receive timely reminders about important topics during annual enrollment. 

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