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Third (3rd) Trimester CBT Due by October 30

Date: September 14, 2021

The Third Trimester CBT is now available and is required for completion by October 30, 2021.  

This CBT session can be accessed by logging into TakeOff Learning and select Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2021 Trimester 3.

The required CBT sessions can be completed all at once or broken up into smaller portions to accommodate each Flight Attendant’s unique learning style or scheduling constraints and can be accessed from a variety of devices including your Link, laptop, or desktop computer. 

Regardless of the method you chose to complete the assigned modules, we recommend you keep a record of the work you have completed by taking a photo or a screen shot of your completed training or modules.

In the event you experience a technical difficulty that consequently causes a loss of completed work, a screen shot of your completion level can be used to assist the Help Desk in resolving any issues.

Also, as provided for in Section 11.B.2. of our Contract, Flight Attendants will be compensated at one (1:00) hour flight credit for every three (3:00) hours, prorated.   In no case shall a Flight Attendant receive less than one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit.

Reference the Frequently Asked Questions brochure for more information regarding CQ 2021 and the third trimester CBT.

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