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Alert iOS Link Operating System

Date: September 22, 2021

United released an Inflight Services Alert on Monday September 20, 2021. Apple recently has launched a new iOS update (iOS 15.0). This has NOT been approved by United Airlines for download.  Installing this update may affect your ability to use certain functionality on the device.   

For Members that have not yet had an opportunity to update their company issued Link device to iOS 14.8, they will now be unable to do as that update is no longer available from Apple because the operating system update change happened so quickly.  In the interim, Members having any “iOS” between iOS 14.6 and iOS 14.8 are considered “in compliance” until further instructions are issued by United as it relates to the download.

Should your company issued Link device update to iOS 15.0 prior to company approval or should you have an older iOS than 14.6, please obtain a Link Loaner from your base.

Read the full alert and current approved iOS/app versions on Flying Together

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