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Reporting Passenger Mask Non-Compliance

Date: September 24, 2021

Recently, the company has announced they have seen an increase in the number of reports related to customer non-compliance with Federal mask mandates in the Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP).

The Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) is a joint program with the FAA, Inflight and AFA reviewing each report to determine the best next steps and it was the first of its kind for Flight Attendants when launched in 2005.

As you are aware, ISAPs are confidential and the FAA representative can view them; however, for United and the FAA to consider and pursue further action on these types of reports involving passengers who are non-compliant with the Federal mask mandate, our reports must be filed as an Inflight Operations Report (IOR).

As a good rule of thumb, if there is a conflict with the passenger, then the report must be submitted as an ISAP. If the issue is passenger behavior or non-compliance with the mask policy, then an IOR report must be filed.

As always, make sure to include the customer’s name and an overview of details of the passenger behavior or non-compliance in an IOR report so that United’s Face Mask Incident Committee (FMIC) and the FAA can follow up.

For more information, please contact your Local Council Safety Committee.

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