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Award of Special COLAs for October from the Waitlist Occurs Tomorrow

Date: September 28, 2021

Given the uncertainty resulting from the Company’s vaccination mandate, Schedule Planning announced that the full award of Special COLAs for October would be delayed until after the deadline for employees to submit documentation supporting their COVID vaccination. The company does plan to award additional Special COLAs on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 just prior to the start of the October schedule month.

Special COLA requests on file before the close of the Special COLA award are placed in seniority order at each base and will subsequently be awarded in seniority order. Essentially, that list becomes frozen.  It is not possible to add additional names nor is it possible to remove your name from this “frozen” Special COLA waitlist.  However, Flight Attendants who submitted requests after the bid period closed are maintained on a separate list and will be considered after all those submitted prior to the closure of the Special COLA bid period.   If it is possible to award these additional requests, this secondary list of requests is awarded in the order received.

For this reason, we encourage anyone who has placed a Special COLA request on file through either of the two mechanisms keep an eye out for their schedule tomorrow when these requests are awarded.

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