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AFA Disaster Relief Fund - Colorado Wildfires & Straight-Line Winds

Date: January 7, 2022

We know that disasters can change lives forever.  While we can’t stop destructive events from happening, we can, as a Union, assist our members with their recovery. 

AFA established the Disaster Relief Fund after September 11th to assist our Members whose lives were placed in a harmful way.  AFA Members and Retirees, whose primary residence is in the area identified and listed on the AFA International website and who have suffered damage and/or dislocation, are eligible for access to the Disaster Relief Fund. 

If you would like to apply for AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Funds, please visit  www.afacwa.org/drf and download the Disaster Relief Fund Application and mail it to AFA-CWA EAP Department, 6th Floor, 501 Third Street NW, Washington D.C.  20001-2797.   You can also e-mail this same information requested to lfoster@afanet.org or phone in the necessary information to 1-800-424-2406. 

This is a gift made possible by the generosity of your fellow Union Members within AFA.  If you wish to contribute either by check or electronic payment, please visit www.afacwa.org/drf for more information on donating.

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