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Unexpected Items in Galley Ovens and Warmers Present a Risk

Date: October 18, 2022

Recent reports from the field indicate there have been an increase in the number of unexpected items in galley ovens and warmers.  Some examples of these items include catering and liquor paperwork. If undetected, these items present a fire hazard.  Taking action to eliminate the fire hazard is going to take a multi-department effort between Catering and Inflight and each of us individually can do our part to prevent this from occurring. 

First and foremost, creating an awareness that this is occurring is a critical first step.  It’s important that we follow SOP and avoid placing any of these items in galley ovens or warmers.  Catering personnel are not expecting these items in either location or may miss them as they load the over inserts.  At the same time, before we power up any galley oven or warmer, take the extra time to double check the interior of both in a further effort to mitigate any risk. 

If, after following SOP and using caution, an event occurs, reporting the incident is the next best step in avoiding a recurrence. Using the ISAP reporting program is the perfect way to brining attention to this safety risk. In your report, be factual.  Describe what was found and where it was found.  Some examples include, “on top of the insert,” “atop the meals,” “on or under a roll bag in the warming oven.”  Provide additional details such as the station at which the galley was boarded and any additional events such as odor, fire, smoke, or any additional information that might be useful in resolving the overall concern.

Proper reporting through ISAP allows for tracking, mitigation, and identification of the catering station where the occurrence took place. This isn’t about identifying people; it’s about isolating the concern in order to take steps to avoid the safety risk these situations present.

For more information, contact your Local Safety Committee.

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