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CQ Training Qualification/Due Month

Date: October 20, 2022

Given the number of changes to the scheduling of CQ for many of us over the past several months, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there is now uncertainty as to when our CQ Training Qualification/Due Month is scheduled. 

Working with the Training Scheduling Department, AFA made some recommendations to ensure that identifying your CQ Training Qualification/Due Month could be done easily.  To view your training qualification “due” month, in CCS, from the Training Tab >> Training Qualification/Due Month.  Once there,

  •       The screen will display all your current active qualifications including any trainings you have completed.
  •       To review your CQ attendance month, select the “Show” icon within the box entitled “FA, General Flight Attendant Qualifications.”
  •       Inside the box under the title Flight Attendant Qualification, your due month and your qualification expiration date will be displayed.
Flight Attendants may also attend CQ training in their “may go” month (the month prior to their due month) and their “grace” month which directly following their “due” month. Attending in your grace month does not cause your qualification to lapse. Your grace month is there to provide any necessary flexibility and to minimize any training lapses in the event a Flight Attendant is unable to attend training in their due month.

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