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First Round Vacation Bidding – Bid to Cover Yourself

Date: October 27, 2022

First round vacation bidding is currently open and will close this Monday, October 31 at 0800 (HDT).

As you may recall, last year, based on bids submitted by Flight Attendants, the award of first-round vacation periods created a different dynamic than compared to previous awards. Many Flight Attendants who bid found themselves awarded unexpected vacation periods based on the insufficient bid logic of the award program for a number of reasons.  Chief among the reasons for these unexpected awards were:

  • Many Flight Attendants did not bid to cover themselves.
  • Many Flight Attendants were unaware of the actual dates on which schedule months begin and end
  • Transferring Flight Attendants were not aware they were not bidding vacation from the allocation at their current base.
  • Transferring Flight Attendants were not aware of the allocations at the base from which they will be flying as of January 1, 2023.

In all the above referenced situations, because bids had been submitted that were not able to be awarded, were treated as if an insufficient bidder in the first round.

Our Contract provides in an insufficient bid situation, vacation will be awarded after all vacation bids have been processed starting from the back of the year moving forward. 

Given the number of Flight Attendants who were awarded vacations due to an insufficient bid in the first round, the result was a reduced number of allocations toward the end of the year, especially in November or December.  For Flight Attendants participating in Second Round Vacation bidding, allocations toward the early part of the year were all that was remaining from which to select vacation.

Historically, July and August allocations are usually the first to go, and as a result many second-round vacations were awarded during the period from January through April.  

The takeaway from all this is that last year, many Flight Attendants may not have held a vacation period more to their preference due to the change in the bidding dynamics. 

We strongly encourage you to read all the information we’ve made available and bid to cover yourself. If you’re unsure how much to bid, some Flight Attendants bid to cover themselves by bidding the entire year in order of preference.

As always, we strongly encourage you to read the information we provide on our Vacation microsite.

Vacation Timeline

Open Date & Time

Close Date & Time

Posting Date

Open Election Period

September 25th 0800 (HDT)

October 15th 0800 (HDT)


1st vacation Bid Period

October 23rd 0800 (HDT)

October 31st 0800 (HDT)

November 4th 0800 (HDT)

2nd Vacation Bid Period

November 8th 0800 (HDT)

November 16th 0800 (HDT)

November 20th 0800 (HDT)

Vacation Allocations Published



November 24th 0800 (HDT)

Trades by Seniority

November 24th 0800 (HDT)

November 30 0800 (HDT)


Final Vacation Allocations



December 4th 0800 (HDT)

Instant Trading Opens

December 5th 0800 (HDT)



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