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Relocating Adjustment Request Page within CCS

Date: October 27, 2022

In an effort by the company to ensure Flight Attendants are familiar with the Adjustment Request page and, more specifically, RA days, the company has notified the Union of a plan to relocate the Adjustment Request tab from the Scheduling tab in CCS.  The page change will occur late in the day on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, and will not affect any requests on file prior to this date.

The Adjustment Request page is used to advise the company that you do not want the company to place RA days on your schedule as a means of addressing an end of month conflict.  We should be clear, when RA days are used to adjust (placed on) the schedule, the Flight Attendant needs to be available to be called for assignment in the same way as a Reserve and may participate in Reserve Preferencing.  At their option, the Flight Attendant may contact Crew Scheduling to be assigned to a trip in Open Time prior to Reserve Preferencing.   The person retains their lineholder status for the bid month in which the RA days are placed on the schedule.  When RA days are applied, there is no reduction in line guarantee resulting from the end of month (EOM) conflict.  (Refer to pages 99 – 100 in the Trip Trade and Adjustment Guide

The Adjustment Request page will be relocated under the General Settings Tab and will provide you with the ability to specify if you do or do not want to use RA days up to five months in advance.  Requesting RA days be used is specific to the schedule month to which the request is tied.  It is not a one-time request; it must be requested and applied to each unique schedule month.  While we made recommendations for this Adjustment Request to be placed elsewhere in CCS, ultimately it was decided that placing this with other “elections” such as max “opting.”  Please make a note of this relocation.

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