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Crew Badge Scanning Clarification

Date: November 1, 2022

Conversations during our Fall MEC Meeting in Chicago highlighted the continuing confusion about the intended purpose of scanning our company ID badges at the departure gate. Reports continue to indicate the process is being misrepresented as being used to support our contractual “check-in.” Scanning badges at the gate is unrelated to our contractual check-in process and Positive check-in was eliminated in 2019.

We have addressed this issue with the company since last spring but there appears to be a need to reiterate that scanning our badges does not indicate we are “checking in.” When we scan our badges, we are doing so to ensure compliance with the FAA minimum crew complement.

Scanning on (and off) the aircraft is the process whereby badges are verified at the departure gate and “scanned” into the system for the exclusive purpose of verifying the FAA minimum crew compliment is onboard the aircraft prior to the start of passenger boarding. To support compliance with FAA minimum crew requirements, current SOP calls for Flight Attendants to proceed directly to the aircraft after scanning the ID badge. If you encounter circumstances where you are asked or given direction to scan that is in conflict with the SOP outlined in the eFAOM, please file an ISAP Report.

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