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First Round Vacation Awards Posted

Date: November 4, 2022

First round vacation awards were posted yesterday and are available for viewing via CCS > Vacation >> My Vacation. Second Round Vacation Bidding opens on November 8, 2022 at 0800 (HDT) and will close on November 16 at 0800 (HDT).

In Round One vacation bidding, of the almost 16,000 Flight Attendants who submitted bids, more than 900 did not bid to cover themselves and, as a result of having submitted a bid, were awarded vacation as an insufficient bidder. When assigned as an insufficient bidder, vacation is assigned from the back of the year, starting in December, toward the front of the year. As a result, most November and December allocations have already been closed out and will not be available for bidding in Second Round Vacation bidding. In addition, the June, July and August months as well as the early part of January at most locations are also closed out for the Second Round.

More detailed information on bidding and assignment is available from the Vacation Microsite on unitedafa.org.

When bidding for round two, we strongly urge you to bid to cover yourself to ensure you are awarded a vacation based on your seniority and preferences as opposed to being assigned after all vacations have been awarded.

If you have questions on your Vacation award, please contact the Vacation Team by e-mail to FAVacationTeam@united.com.

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