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Preventing Advertisements of Illegal Partial Pairings

Date: November 10, 2022

Currently, Flight Attendants have the ability to advertise partial pairings in CSS, even if the advertised segments, on a standalone basis, do not meet the duty time parameters established in Section 6.S.1. of our Contract. 

The clearest example of this involves segments which are part of a duty period that checks in before 1900 HDT where the maximum duty period is thirteen (13) hours scheduled.  However, when some of those segments are removed from the original pairing to “stand alone” as a partial pairing having a check-in time after 1900 HDT, the maximum duty time based on the later check-in is limited to 11:30.  Often the standalone pairings are not legal because the duty period exceeds the maximum 11:30 duty period.

Effective November 9, 2022, at 2300 CT, when an attempt is made to pick up a partial pairing that is not legal, the transaction will be rejected and any effort to pick up the partial pairing will not be successful.  The advertisement of the partial pairing will be removed from the EBB market in CCS and the “poster” of the advertisement will be notified the advertisement has been deleted from the EGG market because the partial pairing is illegal.  Any effort to resubmit the advertisement for posting will also be rejected.

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