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Show Solidarity for AA Flight Attendants

Date: November 14, 2022

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Union Proposals: Rejected!
Systemwide Informational Picketing 
November 15th, 2022

11:00 am-1:00 pm (local time)

Are you Ready for ACTION? Have you Had Enough?
Beginning this November, APFA Flight Attendants and our union siblings will be visibly supporting our Negotiating Committee in our pursuit of a contract that recognizes our contributions to the success of American Airlines.

The latest contract proposals, many of which are outlined in this Negotiations Update, include reasonable improvements for Flight Attendants. These proposals have been largely rejected. American is resisting much-needed contractual improvements for our workgroup, which address operational reliability challenges and improve work-life for Flight Attendants.

Inflight service has returned; staffing has not!
  • American has restored inflight service to pre-pandemic levels, with fewer Flight Attendants.
  • Catering issues result in substandard inflight service.

More work; fewer Flight Attendants!
American Airlines' job hours have nearly returned to 2019 levels. These job hours are now flown with thousands fewer Flight Attendants!
  • Longer duty days, minimal rest, and reschedules contribute to Flight Attendant exhaustion and decreased morale.
  • Hiring continues, but attrition is climbing.
  • Recovering from irregular operations takes longer: Flight Attendants and passengers suffer!

No pay or benefit increases since 2019!
Management delays only push off meaningful wage increases for American's front-line workers. 
  • American Flight Attendants are based in high-cost cities; housing costs in these hub cities are increasing.
  • Increased healthcare costs and a lagging 401(k) match make retirement unobtainable.

Have you had enough?

Save the Date!
Airport Informational Picketing

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

11:00 am- 1:00 pm (local time)

New York- JFK
Washington, D.C. (DCA)
Dallas/ Ft. Worth
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Pre-Registration Available

Register prior to November 15th!

Let us know if you, your family, and your friends will be taking action on November 15th by demonstrating your resolve to secure contractual improvements.

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