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AFA Flight Attendants Honor Picket Line at American

Date: November 15, 2022

Today, American Airline’s Flight Attendants, represented by APFA, picketed at airports across the country.  At many locations where we share bases with American, AFA Members, along with members ALPA, APA, IAM TWU and Members of other supporting Unions joined them on the picket line in a strong demonstration of Solidarity and a shared determination to lift the standards for Flight Attendants across the country.

Now, all Flight Attendant Union Members are standing together to rebuild their career by negotiating fair Contracts at each airline with improvements in pay, healthcare, retirement, and quality of work life.

With a tremendous success and incredible turnout of Flight Attendants across the country, we know that today, on September 27th, and every day thereafter, we stand in Solidarity with our Sisters and Brothers on the picket line and on airplanes around the world as we take our profession back.  

We look forward in continuing to work together in lifting the standards for Flight Attendants with pay, healthcare, work rules and retirement equal to our hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.


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