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Checking-in and Out of Our Layover Hotels

Date: November 15, 2022

Section 5.B.4. of our Contract establishes our responsibility to check into and out of our layover hotels. Given the, at times, shorter layovers, or last-minute reassignments, overlooking check out is something that can happen unintentionally.  Nevertheless, this is something that we must all collectively make a priority as part of maintaining United’s relationship with these hotels. Based on this check-out requirement, Flight Attendants are not required to provide a credit card for room service or in-room telephone calls at check-in. 

When checking out, settle all charges incurred during your stay, including telephone calls or room service charges and request a receipt.  This is an excellent way to ensure that erroneous charges have not been applied, in error, to your room folio during the course of your stay.

If you encounter circumstances where you are required by any layover hotel to provide a credit card, complete a Hotel & Transportation Report Form available from www.unitedafa.org. Our MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee will follow-up.

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