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Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) Reporting

Date: November 22, 2022

One of the key components of the ISAP (Inflight Safety Action Program) is its focus on improving safety by providing a non-punitive and confidential resource to report a safety hazard or inadvertent violation of company policies or FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations).

Any Member who utilizes a voluntary report through ISAP to self-disclose will be protected by the confidentiality tenants of the program. Likewise, in the event your report discloses information about a situation that directly or indirectly involves another Member, they too are protected by the same confidentiality tenants.

Critical to the success of the program is the understanding that submitting a voluntary report through ISAP is NOT placing yourself or your fellow flying partners in harm’s way. Should your report contain information about a fellow crew member, that person will be invited to participate in ISAP, provided an opportunity to submit a voluntary report and will be protected by the confidentiality tenants of the program.

When filing a report through ISAP, always include the full details of the event being reported.  Be as specific as possible when describing the event.  If a report is received without supporting details, and a safety concern is not identified, a member of the Event Review Committee (ERC) will reach out to the reporter seeking more information for the exclusive purpose of fully understanding what is being reported.  Not responding timely to all requests for additional information from a member of the ERC, may put the report in risk of being excluded.  In addition to use the information to address a safety concern or inadvertent violation of a policy of FAR when a report is excluded, the reported may also lose all protective provisions of the program. 

In order for ISAP to continue to be successful in supporting a just safety culture and United Flight Attendants as well as to avoid the exclusion of any ISAP report, always respond to a member of the ERC when they reach out to you.

Please continue to engage, ask questions, and learn about the programs that have been specifically designed to improve the safety culture at our airline. Together we will continue to improve the safety of our industry while protecting all our flying partners and profession.

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